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Garbage, Republica and More....

GARBAGE: a great band fronted by Shirley Manson, with Steve Marker on guitars, samples and loops, Duke Erikson on guitars, keyboards, six-string and fuzz bass, Daniel Schulman (currently an onstage member but soon-to-be a full fledged member) on bass and of course Butch Vig on drums, noise, loops and efx. The band has completed their second world tour and is now supporting the Smashing Pumpkins on theirs. Garbage and SP will be in San Francisco, CA in December, 1996. Garbage's next single in the US will be "Milk" (which will include the recent re-recording of "Milk" with the artist Tricky). Latest word has it that "Supervixen" will be the next single released in the UK.

Garbage has received a lot of attention lately: their album has recently gone Platinum in the US (1,000,000 copies sold)...they have made an appearance on the David Letterman show, were nominated for "Best New Music Group" and "Best Breakthrough Video" at the MTV Music Video Awards, and performed at the MTV Movie Awards. Shirley recently modeled Moschino for Elle magazine, and has been nominated for "Most Fashionable Artist in 1996."

A Garbage home video will be released in October (around the 22nd) which will feature all the videos, ("Vow, Queer, Only Happy When It Rains, Milk) exclusive concert footage, and behind the scenes stuff from Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin. Should be amazing!

If you're a Garbage fan dying for more great songs, try hunting for their import singles, which often contain their b-sides. Many of these songs, like "Trip My Wire," "Subhuman," and "Butterfly Collector" are really, really good. Also included on these discs are remixes of Queer, Only Happy When It Rains and Dog New Tricks, all of which are very well done. There just isn't anything else like this out there right now.

REPUBLICA: another band, relatively new to the US, led by lead singer Saffron...this band is excellent. Their current hit single is "Ready to Go." Saffron describes their music as "techno pop punk rock." Republica broke onto the scene in 1994, with their promo discs "Out of This World" and "Bloke." My favorite track on their debut album has to be "Picture Me."

On September 24th, Republica appeared on Late Night With Conan O'Brien. For more information on this band, click on the link below.

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